How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally?

Diabetes is no more a  chronic condition.You can reverse diabetes.

Yes, you heard it right!

You can manage or even reverse it with proper diet, exercise and some lifestyle changes.If you are a type2 diabetic the chances of reversing it are more.

You need to follow a systematic lifestyle to keep your blood sugar levels normal.

It is not achieved overnight.You need to have a long-term approach to reverse diabetes.

Let us look into various aspects to Reverse Diabetes

Why Do We need to reverse diabetes?

Diabetes leads to many other diseases like blindness, kidney failure, neurological problems, diabetic foot (leg or foot removal). It may also lead to death in some it is very important to manage it or even reverse it as much as possible.

In order to reverse diabetes, we need to follow these lifestyle changes

Diet to Reverse Diabetes

Diet plays a very important role in reversing diabetes. Include high fibre in your diet.It helps to slow down the glucose absorption and regulates the blood sugar levels.Fiber helps in detoxification.

Most of the Indian Vegetarian diet has fibre in it.

Include healthy fats like Ghee, Coconut Oil in your diet as it will give you more fat burning capability and anti-ageing properties.According to Rujutha Diwakar a famous Nutritionist you can eat all locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Some of the Diabetic superfoods you can include in your diet are:

Almonds, Oatmeal, Egg white, Fish, Broccoli, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, flaxseeds, olive oil, Walnuts, Garlic, Tomatoes, Beans, Etc

Consume foods which are low in Glycemic Index like plant-based food and meat like salmon fish, chicken etc.

Avoid processed or refined food which is high in GI.

Exercise to Reverse Diabetes

Diabetes occurs more in people who are obese and who are sedentary lifestyle.Due to technology improvements and our jobs we are spending more hours sitting at a place for long hours.It leads to less metabolic activity which will raise blood sugar levels.You need to adapt an exercise regime which will suit your needs like Cardio, Weight training and yoga.

If you like to spend time in Gym you can go with this option.It gives you more strength and stamina to cope up with stress and reduce your sugar levels up to the marks.

If you are a person who can’t spend the time to go to the gym you can do regular exercises like walking with high intensity and yoga.

Yoga is a holistic approach to reverse diabetes.It has been proved over the ages that yoga can cure many Practice includes a series of steps including asanas, pranayama, meditation which are helpful in controlling diseases like diabetes, arthritis, Obesity etc.

Yogic abdominal squeezing (udiyana bandam) can also help stimulate proper pancreatic function.

Several poses that have been found to be especially effective for diabetes include:

Back Asanas:
Halasana (plough pose)
Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)
Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)                                                                        Chakrasana (wheel pose)
Ardha-matsyendrasana (spinal twist)

Stomach Asanas:                                                                                                    Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
Dhanurasana (bow pose)

Sitting asanas
Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend)
Padangusthansana (head to toe pose)
Yoga mudrasana (yogic symbol pose)                                                                          Supta Vajrasana (sitting pose of firmness)

yoga to reverse diabetes

 start yoga today and lead a healthy life from within.You can buy your yoga mat online.

diabetes accesories_yogamat

diabetschecker supplements onlineSupplements to reverse Diabetes


Cinnamon is a spice with good aroma and many health benefits.

It contains antioxidants and is a superfood for diabetes.It helps to lower blood glucose levels by improving  insulin sensitivity.

IT also helps in reducing the triglycerides and LDL cholestrol in the body.You can use it in your food.anything beyond limits will be cautious in it quantity.

Cinnamon is safe,but if you find any side effects stop using it.

You can try this herbal cinnamon tea.

cinnamon herbal teabest lancets online

Fish oil:

Omega 3 fatty acids are present in fish oil which are essential fatty acids.They are not found in plant food. It hard to get these from our diet .use supplements to get the benefits of this nutrient.It helps in controlling Blood pressure and improving the lipid profile and lower the risk of heart problems.It also helps in strengthening joints.

diabetic supplementbest lancets online

Diabetes can be cured and reversed if you make a conscious effort in changing your lifestyle habits.Ensure that you take care of your diabetes and get par out of it.Happy Living!

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Diabetes Testing Accessories

Diabetes management involves not only Proper Diet, Excercise and medication but also managing your blood glucose levels at regular intervals.

To achieve this you need a personal diabetic kit.It has to be updated with different diabetes testing accessories time to time.

Let’s look at  Diabetes Testing Accessories to be Handy.

1.Lancing Device

It is used to prick your fingertip to collect the blood sample for the test.Some of the companies provide the lancing device along with the glucometer in a combo pack.But if you bought an economical kit and if it doesn’t include lancing device you can buy it separately.

Here is a list of  Best Lancing devices and lancets you can buy online.

1.Accu Check softclix Lancing device.

The pen-like style makes it distinct and easy to handle.It has special and precise needle with a depth of 0.4mm results in low level of pain.

Its unique clixmotion technology prevents tearing of the skin tissues.

It has 11 penetration depth settings where the user can choose which is suitable for their skin type.

Best Lancing Device

It is to be used with the softclix Lancets which are small, sharp objects that are virtually pain-free.

Accu Chek Softclix Lancets

Accu check lancets take less than 2millisecs to penetrate the skin.Shorter the penetration time is less the pain as it touches the fewer nerves.

They are sterilized using gamma radiation and silicon coated needle.

If their sharpness decreases with usage, its time to change a new lancet.The sharpness of the lancet minimizes the damage to cells and makes it pain-free testing.

2.Smart Care Lancing Device

Smartcare Lancing device is adjustable and easy to use.It allows choosing more adjustable depth settings.

you can dial the depths according to the skin types like 1-2 for soft skin,3-4 for average skin and 4-5 for thick skin.


How to use the lancing device?

Clean the hands or rub with a cotton swab before pricking your hand.

Place the lancet into the holder properly and remove the top.

Adjust the device to the required depth.

Place the hand at waist level and rub the tip of the finger.

Pull the arming barrel until the click sound is heard and place the tip firmly against the finger and press the trigger.

Press the finger to collect the blood sample on to the  test strip.

Smartcare Lancets

These are the universal lancets which fit into all the devices except softclix lancing device.They are small in size and fit to hand easily with perfect grip. they are 30guage  sterile lancets.

These lancets have advanced glade control system which is convenient to use.They have easy twistable caps to remove.

best lancets

best lancets online

Its super fine round points and penetration makes it an ideal lancet to use for your device.

2.Glucometer Battery:

When you are testing your blood glucose levels and if your glucometer turns off, you may get exhausted.First, check whether the batteries are worn out.Immediately change them to the new ones.

Always have a Panasonic 2032 Lithium coin cell battery within your kit.

glucometer Batterybest lancets online

How to change battery to glucometer?

First Open the battery door on the back of the meter, remove the old battery for at least 20 seconds, and press any button on the meter. Insert the new battery with the “+” sign facing out. Snap the battery door back into place. Press the on/off button, and the meter will beep. Setup and hour are flashing on the display. If the date and time are correct, press and hold the on/off button for about 4 seconds. Release the button, and you’re done. Source:

3.Carrying Case:

Few Glucometers with combo pack comes with carrying case.But Most of the budget glucometer will not provide carrying case with it.

A Carrying case will give you the comfort of maintaining all your diabetic testing accessories in an organised manner.Even when you are travelling you can carry them comfortably.

Check out the best carry case for your kit.

glucometer_carrycasebest lancets online

This diabetes organiser carrying case is hard shell protective case.It protects your device from breaking and spilling with the external effects.

You can safely store your accessories in the netted storage space.

It is a lightweight, easy to carry, durable quality and value for your money.

Hope you will manage your blood glucose levels in range and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

If you find any devices you feel the best performing please comment below.










Best Glucose Monitors to Buy Online Today

Diabetes Care is an enormous process for anyone whether newly diagnosed or already suffering from it.You need to have a proper understanding of fluctuations in glucose levels in your blood at regular intervals.

To keep track of your blood sugar levels you need to have a personal glucose monitor at home.There are many companies who are striving hard to make the diagnosis devices simple and easy to use.

Now you can easily find the glucometers which suit your needs and order them online.

List of Best Glucose Monitors to Buy Online.

1.Accu Check Active Glucose Monitor:

This Glucometer comes with many powerful features.It is easy to handle with no coding technology.It provides accurate results.

Its clever functionality helps the user to get alerts if the strips expired.It shows alerts if we overdose and within 10secs you can re-dose the device.

The memory stores up to 90days results.we can get the averages of 7days to 90 days.This meter requires very less amount of blood and gives accurate results which makes it a worth considering while buying online.

2.Bayer Contour  Blood Glucose meter

Bayer Contour comes with a glucometer and 75  test strips.This is easy to use and provides accurate results.It takes only 8 secs to test.

It has 1year warranty.Its LCD Displays helps to easily read the results.

blood sugar level checker

It stores 250 readings with date and time.It has no coding feature which saves time.Its simple models make it a better choice to buy.

3.Freestyle Optium Neo Glucometer

Freestyle Optium Neo is designed to help people who use insulin.This pack includes neo meter,25 test strips,10 lancets, Lancing device, carry case, USB cable, how to guide.

It has large high contrast press screen.It reads like a paper with no glare even in has an icon-driven display. Indicates high, low alerts with blinking arrows to indicate when you are consistently high or low in a day.

FreeStlye Glucose moniotr

It has a micro USB port to connect to computer.once you connect the USB to Computer Freestyle neo software automatically installs.Freestyle auto assist software supports your diabetes care with six easy to read reports.

This is one of the best meters that helps you to know when you need to act  to manage your diabetes.

Grab the best meter which you suits your needs.


How to check blood sugar levels at home?

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes your doctor will give you complete information on the type of diabetes you have and the care you need to manage it.your diabetic care includes proper diet, exercise, medication .you need to check your blood sugar levels at regular intervals and keep track of it to manage diabetes.

Blood sugar test at home is an ideal way of controlling blood sugar.In order to maintain the blood sugar levels, we need to monitor them periodically.Ideally, it is done before and 2 hrs after a meal.

The aim of diabetic treatment is to maintain the blood glucose levels as

Before meal Normal range         70 to 120mg/dl

After Meal(2hrs)                 <140 mg/dl     (as of 2017 ACE Guidelines)

self-monitoring can help you understand the graph of your sugar levels so that you can understand when and why they are can adjust your diet plan and exercise accordingly.

Diabetes need proper attention and care to get away from diabetic issues such as

  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • Diabetic foot ulcers

Daily checkups are very crucial to know your blood glucose levels. you can do it yourself at home to track them.If you have your glucose monitor at home, follow these steps to perform the test.If you do not have it grab your best glucometer online.

Once you have your glucometer kit, you can find these: glucometer, test strips, a lancet, lancing device.

Steps to test the sugar levels.

  • First you need to clean your hands
  • Place the new test strip into the meter
  • Put the lancet into the lancing device (if you have lancing device in your kit)or else use the lancet itself to prick the finger.
  • now place a drop of blood onto the test strip and wait for the result.
  • Generally, in 5-8 secs the result will be displayed on the screen.


Tips to get accurate results.

  • To get the most accurate blood glucose results make sure you follow these tips.
  • If your glucose monitor is coding based make sure you select the code properly.
  • Start with clean and dry hands.
  • Store the strips in good condition.Before use, check the expiry of the strips.
  • Make sure you place the blood drop onto the strip correctly.If you fail to do so it will give an error.





Best Glucometers Below 1000 INR

Though there are high-end products and Glucometer on the market there is no need for anyone to pour out of your budget.There are many budget glucometer to provide similar results as a high-end glucometer does. Here we have listed the best glucometers under 1000 INR.

How we picked the best glucometers under 1000 INR

We tested a range of glucometer currently available in the market on factors like accuracy, ease of use and speed etc.


Most of the glucometers available nowadays have great accuracy.We have picked the best glucometers with high accuracy.Anyway, over time the accuracy may come can check the accuracy of the device with control solution or with lab tests.

Ease of Use-

Ease of using a glucose monitor depends on factors like time to test, amount of blood to test, steps to get the result.


Most of the glucose monitors store several hundreds of test results.It is easy for you and your doctor to manage your diabetes.

Result Speed

Blood glucose monitor provides the results in less than a minute or even seconds.

Once you can check these factors you can buy blood glucose monitors online.

Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer with 25 Strips

Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer is the cheap and smart glucose monitor which gives you accurate and quick results.

This has 50strips and 10 Lancets and comes with LCD Display.It comes in two colours Black and Grey.

A minimum blood sample of .5mg/dl is needed to test.The memory capacity is 300 test memories.The measuring time is very less as 5secs.It is a very handy device with height 15.5mm, width 15.5mm and weight up to 0.25gms.

Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer comes with lifetime Morepen warranty.

2.One Touch Select Simple Glucometer( Box of 10 Strips Free)

One touch select simple glucometer is the best pick at Rs.849 and offers quality features at this rate.

It is a simple model with no coding option and no button.It is a pack of OneTouch select simple glucometer, lancing device,10 test strips, case.

It comes with 4 years warranty.Best glucometers under 1000 rupees

This device has visual and audio alerts that clearly notifies just within 5 seconds whether the blood glucose level is high or low.

High – low alert representation card is available which educates the person about their blood glucose levels .so that he can act upon immediately to control it.

3.Truworth G-30 Glucose Monitor

Truworth G-30 Glucose Monitor comes in blue colour with 25 can check the results very quickly in 5 secs.It needs a tiny drop of a blood sample to test.

The device comes with 450 test memories with date and time.It also give 7,14,21,28,60,90 days averages.

This model has USB connectivity option where you can transmit the results to computer or smartphone.Best glucose monitors under 1000 rupees

It has other features like easy slide strip ejector, backlit LCD, large display for easing reading,pre-post meal recording etc.

overall this will be another better choice to buy this product with a lot of features in it.

If you find any best glucometers under 1000 please share your review with us.

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A Guide to Check Diabetes Symptoms and types.

Diabetes is a condition where the blood sugar (glucose)levels are high due to the defect in the insulin secretion.

Our body needs energy.When we eat food it is turned into glucose or sugar.This is absorbed into the cells of our body with the help of insulin.Insulin is an enzyme produced by the pancreas to control the blood glucose levels.

Generally, Insulin lowers the blood glucose levels.when blood glucose levels elevate pancreas releases insulin to normalize glucose by promoting to body cells.

When there is a problem in Insulin secretion or its action it leads to diabetes.

If you can diagnose early you can better be out of risk.

Here is the list of Symptoms of Diabetes


2. Weight Loss

3.Nausea and Vomiting

4.Blurred Vision

5.Slow healing of cuts, wounds and Sores.


 Types of Diabetes.

1.Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes the body doesn’t produce insulin.with the help of medication and insulin therapy it will be controlled.

we can commonly see type 1 diabetes in children and young adults.Only 5% of the diabetic population have this type of diabetes.
According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), about 1.25 million Americans have type 1 diabetes and estimated 40000 people will be newly diagnosed every year in U.S

2.Type 2 Diabetes

IT is the most common form of diabetes.
In Type 2 Diabetes your body does not use insulin properly. This is called Insulin Resistance.

As your body cells cant use the glucose from the bloodstream it increases the glucose levels causing diabetes.
There is no cure for Type 2 Diabetes but it can be managed with a proper diet, exercise and prescribed medication.

3.Gestational Diabetes

Women with high blood glucose (sugar) levels during pregnancy are said to have Gestational Diabetes.These women may not have diabetes before.

During pregnancy, the placenta produces hormones which help the baby growth.But these hormones resist the insulin action.
Insulin Resistance leads to high blood sugar(glucose) levels leading to Gestational Diabetes.


When People have blood sugar(glucose) levels higher than normal but not yet high enough as diabetes is considered as prediabetic.

A person with prediabetes is tended to develop type 2 diabetes if not taken care.But for some people, an early check can reverse the condition to normal.

Till now you have seen the symptoms and types of diabetes, now you are going to understand several ways to diagnose diabetes.

Diagnosing Diabetes.

There are different types of tests to diagnose diabetes.


2.Fasting Plasma Glucose(FBG).

3.Oral Glucose Tolerance Test.

4.Random Plasma Glucose Test.

Different types of Diagnosis

A1CLess than 5.7%5.7% to 6.4%6.5 % or Higher
Fasting bloodglucose(FBG)Less than 100mg/dl100mg/dl to 125mg/dl126mg/dl or higher
Oral Glucose Tolerance Test(OGTT)Less than 140md/dl 140md/dl to 199mg/dl200mg/dl or higher