Best Glucometers Below 1000 INR

Though there are high-end products and Glucometer on the market there is no need for anyone to pour out of your budget.There are many budget glucometer to provide similar results as a high-end glucometer does. Here we have listed the best glucometers under 1000 INR.

How we picked the best glucometers under 1000 INR

We tested a range of glucometer currently available in the market on factors like accuracy, ease of use and speed etc.


Most of the glucometers available nowadays have great accuracy.We have picked the best glucometers with high accuracy.Anyway, over time the accuracy may come can check the accuracy of the device with control solution or with lab tests.

Ease of Use-

Ease of using a glucose monitor depends on factors like time to test, amount of blood to test, steps to get the result.


Most of the glucose monitors store several hundreds of test results.It is easy for you and your doctor to manage your diabetes.

Result Speed

Blood glucose monitor provides the results in less than a minute or even seconds.

Once you can check these factors you can buy blood glucose monitors online.

Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer with 25 Strips

Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer is the cheap and smart glucose monitor which gives you accurate and quick results.

This has 50strips and 10 Lancets and comes with LCD Display.It comes in two colours Black and Grey.

A minimum blood sample of .5mg/dl is needed to test.The memory capacity is 300 test memories.The measuring time is very less as 5secs.It is a very handy device with height 15.5mm, width 15.5mm and weight up to 0.25gms.

Dr.Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer comes with lifetime Morepen warranty.

2.One Touch Select Simple Glucometer( Box of 10 Strips Free)

One touch select simple glucometer is the best pick at Rs.849 and offers quality features at this rate.

It is a simple model with no coding option and no button.It is a pack of OneTouch select simple glucometer, lancing device,10 test strips, case.

It comes with 4 years warranty.Best glucometers under 1000 rupees

This device has visual and audio alerts that clearly notifies just within 5 seconds whether the blood glucose level is high or low.

High – low alert representation card is available which educates the person about their blood glucose levels .so that he can act upon immediately to control it.

3.Truworth G-30 Glucose Monitor

Truworth G-30 Glucose Monitor comes in blue colour with 25 can check the results very quickly in 5 secs.It needs a tiny drop of a blood sample to test.

The device comes with 450 test memories with date and time.It also give 7,14,21,28,60,90 days averages.

This model has USB connectivity option where you can transmit the results to computer or smartphone.Best glucose monitors under 1000 rupees

It has other features like easy slide strip ejector, backlit LCD, large display for easing reading,pre-post meal recording etc.

overall this will be another better choice to buy this product with a lot of features in it.

If you find any best glucometers under 1000 please share your review with us.

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