How to check blood sugar levels at home?

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes your doctor will give you complete information on the type of diabetes you have and the care you need to manage it.your diabetic care includes proper diet, exercise, medication .you need to check your blood sugar levels at regular intervals and keep track of it to manage diabetes.

Blood sugar test at home is an ideal way of controlling blood sugar.In order to maintain the blood sugar levels, we need to monitor them periodically.Ideally, it is done before and 2 hrs after a meal.

The aim of diabetic treatment is to maintain the blood glucose levels as

Before meal Normal range         70 to 120mg/dl

After Meal(2hrs)                 <140 mg/dl     (as of 2017 ACE Guidelines)

self-monitoring can help you understand the graph of your sugar levels so that you can understand when and why they are can adjust your diet plan and exercise accordingly.

Diabetes need proper attention and care to get away from diabetic issues such as

  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • Diabetic foot ulcers

Daily checkups are very crucial to know your blood glucose levels. you can do it yourself at home to track them.If you have your glucose monitor at home, follow these steps to perform the test.If you do not have it grab your best glucometer online.

Once you have your glucometer kit, you can find these: glucometer, test strips, a lancet, lancing device.

Steps to test the sugar levels.

  • First you need to clean your hands
  • Place the new test strip into the meter
  • Put the lancet into the lancing device (if you have lancing device in your kit)or else use the lancet itself to prick the finger.
  • now place a drop of blood onto the test strip and wait for the result.
  • Generally, in 5-8 secs the result will be displayed on the screen.


Tips to get accurate results.

  • To get the most accurate blood glucose results make sure you follow these tips.
  • If your glucose monitor is coding based make sure you select the code properly.
  • Start with clean and dry hands.
  • Store the strips in good condition.Before use, check the expiry of the strips.
  • Make sure you place the blood drop onto the strip correctly.If you fail to do so it will give an error.





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