Diabetes Testing Accessories

Diabetes management involves not only Proper Diet, Excercise and medication but also managing your blood glucose levels at regular intervals.

To achieve this you need a personal diabetic kit.It has to be updated with different diabetes testing accessories time to time.

Let’s look at  Diabetes Testing Accessories to be Handy.

1.Lancing Device

It is used to prick your fingertip to collect the blood sample for the test.Some of the companies provide the lancing device along with the glucometer in a combo pack.But if you bought an economical kit and if it doesn’t include lancing device you can buy it separately.

Here is a list of  Best Lancing devices and lancets you can buy online.

1.Accu Check softclix Lancing device.

The pen-like style makes it distinct and easy to handle.It has special and precise needle with a depth of 0.4mm results in low level of pain.

Its unique clixmotion technology prevents tearing of the skin tissues.

It has 11 penetration depth settings where the user can choose which is suitable for their skin type.

Best Lancing Device

It is to be used with the softclix Lancets which are small, sharp objects that are virtually pain-free.

Accu Chek Softclix Lancets

Accu check lancets take less than 2millisecs to penetrate the skin.Shorter the penetration time is less the pain as it touches the fewer nerves.

They are sterilized using gamma radiation and silicon coated needle.

If their sharpness decreases with usage, its time to change a new lancet.The sharpness of the lancet minimizes the damage to cells and makes it pain-free testing.

2.Smart Care Lancing Device

Smartcare Lancing device is adjustable and easy to use.It allows choosing more adjustable depth settings.

you can dial the depths according to the skin types like 1-2 for soft skin,3-4 for average skin and 4-5 for thick skin.


How to use the lancing device?

Clean the hands or rub with a cotton swab before pricking your hand.

Place the lancet into the holder properly and remove the top.

Adjust the device to the required depth.

Place the hand at waist level and rub the tip of the finger.

Pull the arming barrel until the click sound is heard and place the tip firmly against the finger and press the trigger.

Press the finger to collect the blood sample on to the  test strip.

Smartcare Lancets

These are the universal lancets which fit into all the devices except softclix lancing device.They are small in size and fit to hand easily with perfect grip. they are 30guage  sterile lancets.

These lancets have advanced glade control system which is convenient to use.They have easy twistable caps to remove.

best lancets

best lancets online

Its super fine round points and penetration makes it an ideal lancet to use for your device.

2.Glucometer Battery:

When you are testing your blood glucose levels and if your glucometer turns off, you may get exhausted.First, check whether the batteries are worn out.Immediately change them to the new ones.

Always have a Panasonic 2032 Lithium coin cell battery within your kit.

glucometer Batterybest lancets online

How to change battery to glucometer?

First Open the battery door on the back of the meter, remove the old battery for at least 20 seconds, and press any button on the meter. Insert the new battery with the “+” sign facing out. Snap the battery door back into place. Press the on/off button, and the meter will beep. Setup and hour are flashing on the display. If the date and time are correct, press and hold the on/off button for about 4 seconds. Release the button, and you’re done. Source: Accucheck.in

3.Carrying Case:

Few Glucometers with combo pack comes with carrying case.But Most of the budget glucometer will not provide carrying case with it.

A Carrying case will give you the comfort of maintaining all your diabetic testing accessories in an organised manner.Even when you are travelling you can carry them comfortably.

Check out the best carry case for your kit.

glucometer_carrycasebest lancets online

This diabetes organiser carrying case is hard shell protective case.It protects your device from breaking and spilling with the external effects.

You can safely store your accessories in the netted storage space.

It is a lightweight, easy to carry, durable quality and value for your money.

Hope you will manage your blood glucose levels in range and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

If you find any devices you feel the best performing please comment below.










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